General Questions

When would I need to speak with the local team?
To ensure the most efficient and accurate outcome, we encourage you to talk directly with our team members, regardless of their location. For website design and development tasks, you will talk to our remote team; for content creation and search engine optimisation, you will talk to our local team in Australia. For all other matters, you are welcome to speak with your Australian account manager.
How will I communicate with your team?
To make it easier for you to communicate with our team members, you can contact our team by phone, email, Slack, Skype or TeamViewer. We have direct phone numbers for both the Australia and the Philippines.
Will I be able to work directly with your team members?
Yes, of course! To ensure a smooth experience and quality of work, we encourage direct communication with our team. You can call them directly, email them, chat with them or organise an online meeting.
How well do your team members speak English?
All of our offshore team members are highly educated from the Philippines (where English is their second language), we can assure you they are fluent in their English communication. Our team is managed by Australian owners and deal directly with Australian clients – they are very familiar with the way we talk and use our language.
Is there any type of business that you won’t work with?
At White Label Media, we are more than happy to work with anyone. However, we work with team members across nationalities, cultures and religions. When taking on work, we take into consideration the cultural sensitivities of our staff and therefore maintain the right to reject any work that is considered pornographic, criminal or offensive in any way.
Will I need to pay a deposit before you can start?
For new partnerships, we require 50% deposit prior to commencement of work and the remaining balance just prior to launch. However, for partners that have at least 6 months trading history with us, we can move you to a monthly billing account.
What are your payment terms?
For partners with at least 6 months trading history with us, we can offer you 14 days trading terms. We will invoice you at the end of the month, which you will have 14 days to pay. For new partners, a 50% deposit is required prior to commencement of work with the remaining balance due prior to launch.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept electronic bank transfer payments and credit card payments, including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners. However, credit card payments incur a surcharge.
On average, how much does each service cost?
We keep things simple. For website development and graphic design work, which is carried out by our remote team, we charge $33 per hour; for copywriting and search engine optimisation, which is carried out by our local team, we charge $99 per hour. All pricing is quoted in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST. Upon discussing the project brief with you, we will provide you with a firm quote. We won’t charge you for anything that we didn’t discuss and if there is a change in the scope that results in additional charges, we will discuss these with you first.
When can my client expect to see results?
This will depend on the requirements of the project. We can give you preview date before we start the project. In the meantime, we will give you access to the staging site where you can check on its progression. For most website development projects, you can expect to see something within a week.
What happens if my client isn’t satisfied with the work?
At White Label Media, we appreciate that our work will reflect on you. Whilst we make every effort to ensure a smooth experience and high quality work, we realise that sometimes will want changes made. If you or your client isn’t happy with our work, we will make the necessary revisions to ensure the best possible outcome.
What makes you different from other outsourcing companies?
White Label Media is different: we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, the professionalism of our staff, clear communication with our clients and absolute discretion in our work. As an Australian-owned company and an overseas team of professionals, we can offer you high quality work at highly competitive prices; all the while, conforming to Australian laws and standards.
How does an Australian outsourcing company compare to one overseas?
As an Australian company, we are subject to Australian laws and trading requirements. This means we trade in Australian dollars and subject to GST; but more importantly, it means we are subject to Australian intellectual property and privacy laws. We also quality assure our work to Australian standards and expectations; we select the most qualified and suitable team members; and provide inhouse training and best practices to ensure the highest quality of work.
Do you charge GST?
Yes, we do charge GST. All of our prices are quoted in Australian dollars inclusive of GST. You will obviously be able to claim this back on your BAS.
Will you ever approach my customers?
No. At White Label Media, we understand that your customers are yours. We will never approach any of your customers. We will only communicate with you and we will maintain absolute discretion at all times.
Who owns the intellectual property?
You. Once you’ve paid for the work, the intellectual property ownership are handed over to you; and you’re free to manage it as you see fit.

Website Design

What is your approach to website design?
It is important to get the look and feel of the website right. We will discuss the project requirements, the profile of the client and the target market of the website with you. We will work together to design a website that best reflects your client and appeal to their target audience.
On average, how long does it take to design a website?
Generally speaking, it takes 2 to 3 days to design the home page of a website. However, the size, features and level of detail required can affect the design time.
What happens if my client doesn’t like the designs?
Our designers will work with you to get the design right. Obviously, we aim to get as close as possible to what you and your client is expecting in the first instance, but we realise that this is a process. We are more than happy to make as many revisions as needed in order to get it right. However, if necessary, we can provide you with a new concept.
I had another agency work on a design. Are you able to edit their design for my client?
Yes, no problem. We can reuse existing designs and assets that you’ve acquired from other web designers.
Would we be able to make design changes once the website is being developed?
Since there is a lot of work that goes into developing the theme, we won’t start development until you and your client are completely happy with the design. If design changes are requested after we start building your theme, we will discuss any additional charges with you first.
Will you also design a mobile-friendly concept alongside my desktop version?
Our websites are built to work across all devices. However, if your project requires a mobile version specifically built, we will design the mobile concept as part of the design process.

Website Development

Which CMSes can we outsource to you?
Our team can work with a variety of CMSes, including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal and Joomla. We can also work on existing websites built from scratch.
What are the benefits of using WordPress over other content management systems?
We recommend and specialise in WordPress. This is because of wide adoption, flexible and customisable, extensive range of plugins and complete control over the website. It is also important to note that WordPress works independently of service providers, allowing you to easily transfer from one host to another.
Which languages do your web developers code?
Our web developers are able to code in a range of languages, including HTML, Javascript, CMS, PHP and MySQL.
Which frameworks do your developers use?
Our developers can work with a wide range of frameworks including Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Meteor, React JS, Vue.js and more!
Which page builders do you offer?
To make it easier for you and your customer, we can build your website using Divi, Elementor and WP Bakery. If you have existing sites with out page builders, let us know.
Will you be able to take the concept I designed in Adobe Photoshop or Sketch and develop a website from it?
Yes. Provide us with the Sketch or PSD file, and we will convert it into Wordpress (or other CMS platform). We can start from scratch and build the theme according to your design or we can create a theme for an existing website.
How will I be able to check your progress?
We will provide you with the link to the staging site. You can check the progress at any time. We can also send you weekly reports outlining the our progress and of course, we are available to discuss your project over the phone or video conference – whatever suits you.
How long does it to take you to develop a website?
This really depends on the project requirements and scope of development. To give you an idea of what to expect, small website can be expected to be developed within a week, with most websites built within a month. When discussing the project brief, we can give you a better idea of the expected launch date.
Will I be able to come to you if I have difficulties understanding the code?
Yes, of course! Whilst our developers write clean and easy to follow code, we understand that coding is not everyone’s forte. If you need to help in reading the code, we’re more than happy to go over with you.
Can you make recommendations on how to improve my client’s existing website?
Yes. We can audit your client’s website and recommend improvements. This may include improvements on functionality, features and even performance.
After all the testing, what if I find that some of the code doesn’t work?
Your website will be extensively tested to ensure that it works across all devices, platforms and operating systems. If you or your client find that it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, let us know within 30 days of launch, and will fix it free of charge.
Who owns the assets?
You. Once payment has been made, the ownership rights to the assets are handed over to you. We won’t claim any ownership or licensing rights to your intellectual property.

Search Engine Optimisation

Can you help with search engine optimisation?
Yes, it is our speciality. We have a team of experience SEO developers and local copywriters.
What is your approach to SEO?
We take a holistic approach to SEO – we focus on improving the content, enhancing the user experience, optimising the performance and resolving any technical issues. We can also work with you to improve the visitor engagement and conversion rate.
Do you do backlinking?
Very rarely. We will submit your clients’ site to a number of reputable Australian business directories such as Yellow Pages. We may also look for other credible blogs to submit content to. But other than that, no. We don’t believe that mass backlinking or publishing to a PBN is part of an effective strategy. In fact, we know it is detrimental to a site’s rankings and therefore we avoid it at all costs.
Will you improve the website’s content.
Yes, we will work with you to improve the existing content and to create additional content as required. For websites to rank successfully, the content must meet the search intent of the keyword, it must be written in easy-to-read language, it must be meaningful and engaging, and it must be enriched with relevant and appealing photos and videos. All copy is written by our Australian copywriters and will be written with the user in mind – and not the search engine. We will write content that will to resonate with the target audience and backed by strong calls to action.
Will you improve the user experience?
Yes. Along with the copy, the user experience plays a big part in SEO. The website must be more than functional, it must be more than appealing, it must be easy to use. The website must be organised properly, intuitive and fast to load. We will audit your website and make recommendations on how we can improve the user’s experience.
Will you improve the speed of a website?
Yes. Speed is one of the important aspects of the user experience. We will work to get your website as close to 2 second load as possible. We can even offer your clients instant load on mobile devices with Google AMP.
Are you able to implement Google AMP?
Our team can optimise your website using Google AMP. This will provide users with instant load time on mobile devices.
Will you address all technical issues of the website?
Yes. We will start with a thorough audit of your website and we will work hard to resolve any on page issues and ensure that all technical aspects are developed to SEO best practices.
Will you come up with the strategy?
We can come up with the strategy or work within your strategy. Our local SEO specialists are more than happy to develop an SEO strategy tailored to your clients’ needs and budget. Likewise, we can optimise the website according to your strategy.
Will you keep me updated through regular reporting?
Yes, of course. We will send you a report at the close of each month. This is easy to ready report specifically written for business owners. You can track the performance of you website including rankings and conversions. This report can be branded with your logo. Along with the report, we will send you a cover email outlining the work we’ve completed.
What are the benefits of outsourcing SEO?
SEO is an essential part of an effective digital marketing strategy. However, there are many aspects to SEO that requires a specialist team of developers, copywriters, designers and strategists. By outsourcing the SEO to us, you can be rest assured that we are transparent and carry out only the latest and proven tactics. This allows you to focus on your client and your relationship with them.

All the perks of a larger web development firm, without the headaches

White Label Perks

Focus on your business.

Let our team take care of your projects, so you can focus on building your business and developing your relationships with your clients.
White Label Perks

Quickly scale your business.

Should a deluge of work come onboard, be rest assured that we will take care of it. We can even expedite urgent projects with fast turn-around times.
White Label Perks

Easily expand your services.

Make more money by offering additional services to clients. Our recurring SEO plans are a lucrative stream of income for you and your clients.
White Label Perks

We promise absolute discretion.

Your clients are yours. We will never approach them, and we will exercise absolute discretion regarding our relationship with your business.
White Label Perks

Competitive pricing.

With a remote team of handpicked English-speaking professionals in the Philippines, we offer our outsourcing services at highly competitive rates.
White Label Perks

Australian market.

With a focus on the Australian market, we are experts at providing services and solutions to meet the expectations of Australian customers.

As an Australian-owned company, we're obligated to adhere to all Australian laws, including privacy, copyright and intellectual property laws. We're committed to upholding the highest standards in our work and ensure that you receive the very best in customer experience.

If you want high-quality website development and digital marketing strategies for your clients, think White Label Media. We’ll do the digital marketing, so you don’t have to.

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