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Although it might seem like an easy or unassuming task to take care of, there is a lot of time and effort that needs to be put into social media marketing in order for it to be successful. As a social media manager, you want to offer your clients the best work that you can. But what if your clients ask for something to go with their social media marketing campaigns, such as graphic assets or videos? What if you don’t have the skills or resources to be able to offer your clients these services? White Label Media can help you with all of your social media marketing requirements, including graphic design, developing logos and video production.

How we can help.

At White Label Media, we understand the importance of a holistic social media marketing strategy. We also understand that both you and your clients place a great deal of importance on both quality and effectiveness. At White Label Media, we can help you with the following social media marketing tasks:

Graphic design

Graphic design

Need an eye-catching graphic for your client’s upcoming social media posts? Our design team are raring to bring your ideas to life, so that your clients can wow potential customers with stunning social media posts.

Logo design

Logo design

Does your client’s business suffer from an old, outdated logo? Do you have a vision that’ll revive their image? Our design team would love to help you captivate your clients with high-quality logos that can be used across all facets of digital marketing.

Video production

Video production

Do your clients have social media accounts that don’t receive much traffic? Brighten up their social media presence with high-quality videos developed by White Label Media. From introductions and how-to-guides to short 10-second product videos, the design team has lots of experience in developing marketing videos that are bound to attract an audience.


Timing is extremely important in social media marketing – you would have spent many hours developing marketing schedules for your clients and posting needs to happen on the days that are marked on the schedule.


Social media posts

At White Label Media, we understand that you’ll need graphic assets by a certain time, so that you can complete your client’s social media posts. That’s why we always aim to bring you the high-quality graphic assets you need as soon as possible.



As well as timing, another factor that is extremely important in social media marketing is adaptability. As the social media manager, you’ll always be on the lookout – checking the reach of recent social media posts to see what’s attracting attention and what isn’t.


Attracting attention

If you find that a series of social media posts aren’t attracting the attention that they should, all you need to do is let us know – and we’ll adapt to make our work revolve around your findings.

Provide additional value with SEO.

It’s no secret that social media marketing has become more vital for improving an online presence. Almost everyone is a part of a social media platform, making it one of the best ways to be seen online. However, there is one part of digital marketing which can be more useful than social media marketing – search engine optimisation.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your client’s online presence so that their website appears on page 1 of search engines such as Google and Bing. This is done by working on a number of tasks, including improving website content, developing backlinks, optimising online business listings and writing blogs. However, social media marketing also encompasses a large number of tasks and keeping track of both social media marketing and SEO for multiple clients can become extremely difficult.

If you worried about having to deal with both social media marketing and SEO, talk to White Label Media and ask about our SEO plans. SEO plans can be extremely beneficial for both you and your clients, providing them with a greatly improved online presence that will draw in potential customers, as well as providing you with a regular income stream for your business.

Why White Label Media?

Why Us

Social media marketing involves a lot of different types of work that require many different skillsets and resources. In order to meet the many requirements for developing a holistic social media marketing strategy, you could consider outsourcing your work to the two main types of company that you can outsource to – the overseas company and the local company. Both of them have their own pros and cons that you’ll need to take into consideration before outsourcing.

The first type of company that you can work with is the overseas company. If you want graphic assets and videos that are made cheaply and quickly in order to satiate your clients, the overseas company is for you. However, although working with an overseas company might seem alluring, more often than not, there are serious issues that can appear.

Firstly, overseas companies don’t have to abide by Australian laws, which includes intellectual property and privacy laws. This means that an overseas company can simply take you or your client’s information and distribute it without consent, with little to no consequences. As well as this, an overseas company might not understand the Australian market, which can lead to a loss in translation when working with them.

Why Us

The other type of company that you can work with is the local company. With a local company, you can breathe easy knowing that no information is going to be distributed without your consent, and that all of the work will be to an Australian standard. However, local companies are allowed to charge you those hefty Australian prices, which can be enough to make you reconsider.

At White Label Media, we sought to be in between these two companies, allowing you to have the best of both worlds – an Australian-owned and highly experienced digital marketing firm offering you quality social media marketing material at extremely competitive prices. We were able to achieve this by having two separate teams – a local team of SEO specialists and copywriters and an overseas team of developers and designers based in the Philippines. As well as being able to offer competitive pricing, having these two teams also allows you to benefit from the market and industry knowledge of the local team, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of the offshore team.

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    The White Label Media team are highly professional, friendly and produce outstanding results. I have used their website development services on a number of occasions, and have received excellent results every time. Highly recommended! A+++

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  • Testimonial

    The team at White Label Media are the perfect solution to help me meet my clients’ needs. With great enthusiasm for their work, they create high quality websites. We are extremely happy working with White Label as they continue to deliver the results we need.

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